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WOGSA 2016

So much for good old fashioned winters !! The winter of 2015/16 will be remembered as the winter that never was in most parts of Ontario. Warm conditions right through the Fall and above average temperatures and little snow most of the winter have gotten a lot of courses open early with very little signs of any winter damage.

The WOGSA is off to a great start this Spring as well with some new helpers and a great line-up of courses for the 2016 season. Before I get ahead of myself, let me take a moment to thank our generous event hosts in 2015 which included Jason Sewell at Victoria Park GC East, Joe Adams at Flamborough Hills GC, Ian McIsaac at Deerfield GC, and finally Jerry Richard who hosted the Taylor Barnes at the always friendly Craigowan GC, your commitment and support of the WOGSA is greatly appreciated.

This past December the WOGSA Board of Directors met for our annual meeting to discuss the state and direction of our Association. The hard working Board of Directors consists of Trevor Hunter, Angelo Capannelli, Gavin Kellogg, Dennis Piccolo, and Jim Dimitriw. The WOGSA Board has done some great scouting over the past few years and has recruited 3 new faces to join our group who are James Raynor from Vandenbussche Irrigation, Laura Christen from EZ GO golf carts, and Dan Sliasas from the St. Catharines GC, welcome aboard all !! The WOGSA continues to enjoy a healthy financial situation, it was felt the changes implemented a few years ago were very well received by our Members and Guests, the 4 golf events we ran were fairly well attended, as always there were a few areas that the Board felt could be managed better and that is where we will continue to focus our efforts.

 Building on the changes implemented in 2014, the WOGSA plan moving forward is as follows:

  • The annual WOGSA membership fee will be $ 25.00 if paid by the second golf meeting, after that date the membership fee will go to $ 35.00.
  • Anyone attending a meeting who has not paid a membership fee or is a golf industry guest will be charged an extra $ 10.00 on top of the day�s fee as a non-member.
  • The number of golf events will be 4 which we will try to schedule in early June, mid-July, mid-August and late September.
  • All golf events will have a maximum of 20 prizes awarded, 5 each in 3 gross flights and 5 proximity prizes, we welcome prize donations from Suppliers.
  • We will be offering free membership to all our retired members, we are always happy to see our older friends!
  • We will continue to offer a Corporate membership for our Suppliers, an area which we hope to build on and improve.
  • We are looking to improve our communications within the industry with the OGSA, and several golf publications as well as our website, and new this year look for us on Twitter for event info and updates through the year.
  • We will continue to contribute scholarship awards to several key industry institutions
  • Our primary goal as always is to run affordable, relaxed and informative golf events for our Members and Guests to gather, network and hopefully learn a bit in the process.

This season promises to be every bit as good as last year. We have an outstanding line-up with some great golf courses for our Members to experience. Here is how the 2016 line-up looks :

  • Tuesday May 31st - Thundering Waters GC -  host Brandon Nadeau
  • Tuesday July 12th - Springfield GC - host Ray Dlugokecki
  • Tuesday August 2nd - Pipers Heath GC - host Tim Muys
  • Tuesday September 27th - Brantford GC - host Paul Evenden

Lastly our one important reminder, PLEASE CALL TO CONFIRM YOUR REGISTRATION FOR AN EVENT, IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL, AGAIN PLEASE CALL TO CONFIRM. As a courtesy to our host clubs and to the Association we need accurate numbers for our events. More and more Clubs charge the Association for the numbers given at registration so if you sign up and don�t show up, the Association is still on the hook for your fee for the day. It is getting increasingly harder to get onto courses so the easier we can make it for our hosts, the better. Please take a moment to update your contact info and return it to us so we have all your current information. As always if you know of someone who may be a potential member, please forward our info to them. We look forward to seeing you at a WOGSA event this year.

For the WOGSA

John Taylor - President

twitter.pnglook for us on Twitter @WOGSAgolf !!